Monday, 11 May 2009

TV Drama settings.

Mise-en-scene - Everything in the frame/ props, costume, make-up, performance, setting and lighting.
Narrative/structure- story.
Setting- hospital, school, pub, shop, streets, cafe ect.
Character-doctor/nurse, teenagers, steriotypical types.
Theme- message that runs throughout.
Diagetic- in world of the eg dialogue, background noise.
Non Diagetic- not in the world of show eg voice overs sound effects and music.
Cinimatography- camra work.



By the end of this project you must have:

- A scetch book full of thorough, beatutifullly presented reasearch and planning and/or
through,detailed research and planning blog.
-A textual analysis essay, anaylising an exexsting television drama programme.
-A story board for the title sequence for your own, origanal televison drama programme.
you may also have:

- A filmed and edited DVD of your own original title sequence.